How Secure is Your Door?
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How Secure is Your Door?

Have you ever heard the saying that a lock is only as strong as the door that you install it in? It's a saying for a reason -- because it's true. You could have the strongest deadbolt in the world, and it won't matter if you have a door that's easy to kick in. Upgrading your door could do a lot to improve your home's security. Old front doors and seldom-used back doors are often the weakest links in a home's security. In this blog, I'll be giving tips and advice for choosing and maintaining secure entry doors for your home. Don't overlook this important safety issue -- make sure that your door can help protect your home.


How Secure is Your Door?

Keep Your Family Safe By Installing New Doors After Buying A Home

Josephine Carroll

Whether you buy a home in a safe neighborhood or one that is up-and-coming, your family's safety should be at the top of your priority list. Getting to know your neighbors, adopting a dog, and investing in a home security system are all ways that you can improve home security, but you can also replace the doors.

Although the doors may be fine on a structural level, you do not want to settle for doors that cannot withstand someone trying to pick the locks or attempting to kick them down.

Get Steel or Wood Doors for Entryways

While it is crucial to protect the front door, you do not want to forget about the back door either. Both of these doors should be well-made, so consider steel or solid core exterior wood doors. These materials give you the best chance of holding off a potential break-in, but you cannot expect them to work on their own.

Investing in high-quality door hardware is just as important as getting high-quality doors. It is also helpful to buy a kick plate, which will further protect your door from getting kicked down.

Change All of the Locks

Another thing that you will want to do when moving into a new home is change all of the locks. Regardless of who the previous homeowners were, you do not want to take any risks. It is possible for the last homeowner or even a friend or family member of theirs to have a set of keys. By changing the locks, you do not have to worry about these individuals being able to get into the home with ease.

When getting new locks, you want to aim for grade 1 or grade 2, both of which exceed residential security requirements.

Create a Safe Room

If you want to use doors to further improve the safety of your home, you should create a safe room. It is best to do this in a room with no windows, but you may not have this as an option. Alternatively, you can use a room with small windows or a second-story room that does not have easy access from a ladder.

For this room, you want to get a heavy-duty wood or steel door and reinforce it just like the entry doors. Adding a deadbolt lock will prevent people from being able to easily get inside. By the time an invader can actually get into your home and into the safe room, the authorities will have arrived at the scene.

Adding new doors when you move into a home is a great way to guarantee your family's safety.