How Secure is Your Door?
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How Secure is Your Door?

Have you ever heard the saying that a lock is only as strong as the door that you install it in? It's a saying for a reason -- because it's true. You could have the strongest deadbolt in the world, and it won't matter if you have a door that's easy to kick in. Upgrading your door could do a lot to improve your home's security. Old front doors and seldom-used back doors are often the weakest links in a home's security. In this blog, I'll be giving tips and advice for choosing and maintaining secure entry doors for your home. Don't overlook this important safety issue -- make sure that your door can help protect your home.


How Secure is Your Door?

Are You Enclosing Your Patio?

Josephine Carroll

If you have decided that you would get more use out of your patio by enclosing it, you may have decided to get the job done in time for parties you might be hosting during the Christmas holidays, maybe even for a big New Year's Eve event. If so, from selecting rustic barn doors to selecting new furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to create a unique and attractive space for your friends and family to enjoy.

Rustic Barn Doors 

Are you wanting a rustic feeling in your enclosed patio? If so, think of selecting sliding custom barn doors that will separate the enclosed patio from the rest of your house. For example, you might be hosting a party that includes both adults and their kids. For example, you might want the kids to have their own area for watching a movie or for playing board games while the adults visit in the next room. Won't it be nice to just slide the rustic barn doors to separate those two areas?

Will there be an entrance from the outside into the enclosed patio? If so, consider selecting a barn door that will complement the sliding barn doors you chose for the inside of the house. Even if you want French doors for the inside, you can still select a rustic design. For added interest, choose barn doors that have wrought iron as part of their design. Companies like 2 V Custom Doors and Rustic Designs can help.

The Decor

 Since you are wanting to set a rustic feeling in your enclosed patio, think of buying heavy wooden furniture. Besides the traditional sofa and chairs with end tables and a coffee table to accompany the main setting, think of buying a floor to ceiling shelf unit that can hold things like board games, books, collectibles and family photographs. If there's enough space in the enclosed patio area, consider buying a couple of rocking chairs, also with a rustic feeling to them. 

Buy decor that will enhance the room. For example, if you want a bit of a farm feeling, consider buying decorative farm animals like cows, chickens and pigs to put on the floor to ceiling shelf you bought. If you want to establish a western theme, think of framing pictures of famous cowboys like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Alan Ladd, and Roy Rogers. Consider framing pictures of your family wearing western clothes. For example, you could each wear jeans, boots, and cowboy hats.