How Secure is Your Door?
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How Secure is Your Door?

Have you ever heard the saying that a lock is only as strong as the door that you install it in? It's a saying for a reason -- because it's true. You could have the strongest deadbolt in the world, and it won't matter if you have a door that's easy to kick in. Upgrading your door could do a lot to improve your home's security. Old front doors and seldom-used back doors are often the weakest links in a home's security. In this blog, I'll be giving tips and advice for choosing and maintaining secure entry doors for your home. Don't overlook this important safety issue -- make sure that your door can help protect your home.


How Secure is Your Door?

Using Overhead Doors To Improve Your Business's Productivity

Josephine Carroll

It is a common need for businesses to use overhead doors when loading and unloading trucks. However, misinformation about these door systems can make it harder for a business leader to make informed and reasoned choices when it comes to their commercial doors.

Myth: Overhead Doors Will Always Be Extremely Slow

A business owner may be worried about using overhead doors that are very slow to open and close. This can make it much more time-consuming to load and unload trucks, and it can also make this much harder to do during rain or other weather that can damage the items being moved. Luckily, it is possible to opt for commercial high-speed doors that will be able to raise and lower very quickly. This can help you avoid these potential problems so that your workers can complete their loading work as quickly as possible.

Myth: Installing Commercial High-Speed Doors Will Be Difficult For Most Buildings

The work and changes that will be required to install the commercial high-speed doors may seem like it will be extensive. However, the installation of this system will often be far easier and more simple than what is assumed. This is due to the fact that these systems can typically be installed on standalone supports. As a result, the need for structural changes to the building will be kept minimal. In fact, many business owners may need to do little more than to decide which door will be outfitted with this device. While the installation of these systems may not require major changes to the building, it is still important to allow this to be done by trained professionals as they will be able to ensure that the system is securely installed so it will be as durable and reliable as possible.

Myth: Commercial Overhead Doors Are Very Energy Inefficient

Another belief about these doors will be that they can degrade the energy efficiency of the building. This is due to the assumption that these doors will be poorly insulated and have a number of gaps along the perimeter. However, it is actually possible for a person to choose an overhead door that has ample amounts of insulation in it. Furthermore, the edges of these doors can be protected with weatherstripping that will be able to close any openings so that drafts can be prevented. These features can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of these  commercial high-speed doors so that the overall impact they have on the building will be kept to a minimum.